The agency 360º MC awarded at the IMCC European Awards with the campaign.

“A Touch of Style”.

360º Marketing & Communications, the only Spanish agency to receive an award this year, obtains a silver in the B2B category at the European Marketing and Integrated Communication Awards 2021 IMCC Awards, for the “A Touch of Style” campaign created for the international Style group .

In order to participate in the IMCC European Awards, campaigns must have previously won national awards in their respective countries throughout Europe. “A Touch of Style” was awarded as the best International campaign at the 2020 Agrippina Awards.

In the words of Alvaro Alés, director of the 360º MC agency “These awards allow the work of Spanish agencies to be projected internationally and measure their health with respect to that of the rest of our European colleagues, it is a real privilege to have been awarded.”

The winning agencies were selected after two rounds of judging in a European competition of the best campaigns selected at the national level across Europe. The first-round selection was made by a jury panel made up of 40 leading industry professionals across Europe, with the second-round jury comprised of IMC Council member representatives.

Renate Vogt, IMC European Awards Chair, said: ’This year’s campaigns showed the strength, inventiveness and creativity of our industry to its full extend. Besides the very tough market conditions with endless lock-downs, budget cuts, complicated working conditions, agencies and clients together were able to develop sparkling and activating campaigns in all category’s our industry stands for. It was a pleasure to judge small budget campaigns with a high level of creativity, a minimum of budget and a maximum of result, very innovative campaigns leaving behind the traditional path by choosing a new and so far never seen approach, integrated campaigns which were consistently executed all the way to bring a product or service a life and customers in action.’

Alvaro Alés is also the Spanish representative on this IMC Council, which has taken advantage of the awards to announce its change of brand to EACA IMPACT Council, which will take place during the summer of 2022. The change of brand will also affect the current IMC awards and has The agency 360º itself was in charge of proposing the naming and branding of IMPACT.