United in the mission to create the best quality, durable and safe products in the market.

Driving a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and not resting until customers are fully satisfied as the Group stands behind its quality.
Leveraging a vertical integration, targeting the value chain from fabric manufacturing through finish product, installation, and service.

Three main pillars that supports the Groups differentiation & uniqueness


Product offering

Innovative products that stand up while following the latest trends in the textile and hospitality business, (keeping in mind sustainability & eco-friendly initiatives to help save our planet), giving them the edge, they need to stand out from the crowd.



Above all, International, multicultural, while embracing in hand, diversity and inclusion, because Corporate success is achieved through the collective efforts of passionate individuals working together towards common goals.

Know how

The group has built a solid business with proven success in Europe with strategic offices located in UK, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey and Spain, while building customer loyalty. And now opening thriving gateways to Asia pacific