Dear relation,

In the past 2 months, Novo Europe B.V. explored its options towards 2021 and further, in order to then make choices for its future.

A number of innovations have been chosen:
-A new director has been appointed: Mr Marc Olie. Well-known to many in the sun protection industry. We are delighted to have been able to add this experienced man to our team.
-Novo Europe B.V. has recently joined the global with offices in England, Spain, Romania, America, Thailand and Australia. With these partners, expertise and distribution, innovative products from all over the world quickly come within our reach.
-The product PVC vertical slats will be phased out immediately and the machines, raw materials and warehouse stock have been sold to Lecluyse in Kortemark, Belgium (*)
-Focus on our new product groups: the Dunes (Wave) collection, StyleWood horizontal composite blinds, a complete curtain fabric collection, electric curtain rails, and soon also PVC shutters. Manufactured in the Netherlands with very short delivery times!
-Increase focus our collections of roller blinds, duoroller, wooden blinds, aluminum blinds, pleated & dupli, and of course the fabric slats and vertical rails.
-Centralization of all Dutch production and office activities in Naaldwijk (Energiestraat 5, 2671 DE)

An agreement has been concluded with Lecluyse to continue most of Novo’s vertical slats range immediately. For those orders and questions, please contact Lecluyse via

Please give Lecluyse the opportunity to complete the move and integration to Kortemark, and enter the customer and price data. After that, they are perfectly able to quickly and competently deliver your orders for PVC vertical slats.

All in all, these 6 choices are important for the growth of Novo Europe B.V. and in this way we can confidently face the future.

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With warm regards,
Novo Europe B.V.
Marcel van Dongen,
Principal / Board of Directors
Marc Olie,
Managing Director Netherlands